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The California Avocado Commission has forecast 257 million pounds of avocados for the 2022-23 harvest season, a slight decrease from last year’s volume.(Photo courtesy California Avocado Commission) By KRISTIN LEIGH LORE January 30, 2023

The California Avocado Commission forecasts a 2022-23 harvest of about 257 million pounds of avocados for its California crop. The early season assessment is down from 276 million pounds in the 2021-22 season. “The recent California rainfall has been welcomed by our growers throughout all districts,” Jeff Oberman, president of CAC, said in a news release. “Growers have related increased sizing and crucial replenishing of water sources during my recent visits to all production regions. We do not yet know if there will be any change to the expected harvest timing, however, excitement is building from our retail partners for the kickoff of the California season.” The majority of California’s avocado harvest — 243 million pounds — is expected to be the hass variety. The remaining forecast includes a harvest of 7 million pounds of lamb hass avocados, 6 million Gem avocados and about 1 million pounds from other commercially grown varieties in California. Weather and market conditions are key factors that determine when California avocado growers will begin harvesting. Some growers may delay picking to allow the avocados more time to increase in size. Oberman said in the release that there will likely be some avocados harvested in time for the Super Bowl mid-February, with limited volume available for local promotions. California avocado volume is expected to begin ramping up in March, with peak availability from April through July. Volume is expected to taper off through Labor Day, according to the release. MEDIA PLAN FOR AVOCADO SEASON “The Commission’s media plan and new creative executions are in development with an expected launch in April,” Oberman said in the release. “We are eagerly anticipating peak California avocado season in the spring and summer months with additional volume for promotions and customized marketing support.” This year CAC is continuing its advertising campaign, “the best avocados have California in them,” but adding new creative executions to keep communications fresh, the commission said. Content will include California avocado tips, grower spotlights and new creative videos that demonstrate what’s unique about California avocados. Customized retail and foodservice promotions with targeted customers are key components of California avocado marketing support and will include recipe and video content on social media platforms. During the avocado harvest season, the CAC geo-targets consumers near stores that offer California avocados to keep the fruit top of mind, according to the release. Additionally, CAC’s social media program runs year-round but ramps up leading into the season. According to the release, this year’s CAC social media strategy includes:

  • In February, activity with targeted and promoted retailer content supports the early harvest.

  • In March, as California avocado supply continues to increase, social efforts will gain momentum with support across multiple channels.

  • Throughout the season, CAC will showcase California avocado recipes, tap into cultural moments and reinforce the California difference through education and entertainment.

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