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‘Avocado Glow’ dubbed an official color by Pantone

Avocados From Mexico is partnering with iconic color swatch company Pantone to launch an official avocado green hue.(Photo courtesy Avocados From Mexico)By THE PACKER STAFF January 19, 2023

The bright, creamy lime-green that evokes images of avocado toast or zesty guacamole is now an official color. Avocados From Mexico has teamed up with Pantone to launch its own brand color — Avocado Glow. According to Avocados From Mexico, the new color emulates the vibrant tones you see when cutting into a perfectly ripe avocado. Avocados From Mexico is going a step further, bringing the new Avocado Glow shade to life with the launch of a limited-edition Avocado Glow-themed merchandise collection. The collection includes seven Avo Glow entertaining and décor essentials — a throw pillow, wallpaper, apron, oven mitts, coasters, a serving tray and, of course, a guacamole bowl — according to a news release.

A limited-edition Avocado Glow-themed merchandise collection is accompanying the launch of the new color. Photo courtesy Avocados From Mexico Shoppers can visit for a chance to win an Avocado Glow collection for the ultimate glow up on game day beginning Jan. 19, 2023, according to the release.

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